eDesigner Editions

Business Edition (BUS)

Developed specially for wholesalers and retailers who have their own special demands.
Edit carpet designs, retrieve old designs from photos, create new coloration, change motifs, use carpet simulation and room decoration for presentation.
Cost effective price, suitable for all businesses from small shops to large wholesalers.

Standard Edition (STD)

Ideal for most medium-sized companies, home designers and carpet & rug producers.
Includes necessary features and drawing tools for designing carpets and rugs effectively.

Professional Edition (PRO)

Ideal for professional designers and producers to handle complex requirements easily and to create own masterpieces.
Includes Standard Edition plus advanced drawing tools and features.

Professional Plus Edition (PRO+)

Outstanding edition for expert designers and well-established companies.
Includes Professional Edition plus additional features:

    • Border Wizard
    • Repeat View
    • Pile and Loop Combiner
    • Background Layer
    • Locked Windows
    • Importing Vector Files
    • Importing Weaving Data (EP, JC5 and DAT)
    • Highlight Color Switches (for correcting the mixed contours)
    • Vintage and Erased Effects
    • Color Harmony
    • Room Decoration
    • and more …

Ultimate Edition (64-bit)

Comes with the most advanced feature set and with the possibility to work with very large files thank to 64-bit memory addressing. eDesigner Ultimate is 64-bit version of PRO+ edition.

Types of licenses


Each edition can be purchased as a lifetime or perpetual license with USB dongle. So you will be able to use your license without any internet connection.

After 12 months, we will propose for you to renew the maintenance services which includes support & updates. If you do not wish to renew it, you will be free to continue using your current version of eDesigner software for lifetime, but without upgrades or support services.

Three packages available at attractive rates:

    • Single user
    • 5 users (Pay 4 Get 5 licenses)
    • 10 users (Pay 7 Get 10 licenses)


You can lease the eDesigner Pro+ Edition software on an annual basis and benefit upgrades during the rental period. Each year, you will decide whether to renew the lease or end using eDesigner software.

Maintenance and Support

EFAB will generally provide Maintenance and Support for 12 months following the next major release. For example, if you purchase version 20.6 on June 2020 then EFAB will generally provide Maintenance and Support for version 20.6 until June 2021 (till version 21.6).

What is Calendar Versioning?

Beginning in June 2020, EFAB switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning. So, rather than version numbers in an x.y format (e.g,, 11.18), the calendar-based format will reflect the date of release into the version number. The format will be yy.m.x or yy.m. For example, if an eDesigner is released in June of 2020, it’s version will be 20.6.0 or 20.6. When the eDesigner releases again in the month of June, the new version will be 20.6.1 and for the second release in the same month it would be 20.6.2. In this way, the first release of October will be 20.11 and so on.

Why are we switching to Calendar Versioning?

Calendar-based versioning will makes it easier to understand how old a release is and until how long it is maintained and supported or how much time has elapsed between two releases.

What is our Release Policy?

We release a new version only when it contains new functionalities or bug fixes. We may not release versions in every month if there are no new changes. In cases where we don’t release a new version within consecutive months, you may see a gap in versioning. For example, while the version of eDesigner released in June would be 20.6 and if there is no release until September then the next version will be 20.9.