Your Path to Success

The next generation of designers must be equipped to design freely and efficiently to solve the daunting challenges ahead. EFAB provides students, educators, and researchers professional software, local support, and a connection to industry to help them succeed.

We are always curious for interesting and innovative approaches. Thus, we offer special discounts for the software for students, academic purposes or non-profit organizations with our Educational Edition.


eDesigner is the perfect software platform to help you jumpstart your career.


Develop your ideas more quickly using the full suite of industry-leading eDesigner, all at special pricing just for research.


In today’s competitive job market, your students need every advantage they can get. With eDesigner, they can learn the universal designing skills they need to build rewarding careers.

We can also support the realization of special projects by tufting real pieces and samples on our robotic tufting machine.

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