eHMI (Human Machine Interface) software is specially developed to ease the robot operator’s tasks.

eHMI with unique multilingual Graphical User Interface
The advanced control unit of eTuft hand-tuft robots is powered by EFAB’s own HMI software with a very unique GUI (Graphical User Interface) on a convenient touchscreen monitor.
eHMI 3D Design Preview
This user-friendly interface utilizes advanced algorithms to handle the eTuft effectively. It provides special reports and controlling items to make the operator run the robot smoothly and efficiently.
“New Design Wizard” for creating simple designs on the robot
(ideal tool for sampling or plain carpets)

eHMI software has many capabilities and provides various useful functions to the operator:

  • Creating simple designs
  • File management
  • Design previews
  • Design selection and defining production schedule
  • Preview of the tufting process and changing the order of layers
  • Setting production parameters like speed and dimensions
  • Ability to view the tufting process on the control unit while the robot is running
  • And many more.

eHMI is available in different languages. It can also be adapted to your language requirements on demand.

Custom Tuft option for start tufting from desired point

eHMI software and eTuft robot form a seamlessly integrated tufting system which is fully compatible with eDesigner Carpet Designer CAD software (supporting 3D and smart cut-loop designs).

With these three innovative developments, EFAB provides you a complete robotic-tufting solution.

eHMI Features

. Touchscreen Friendly User Interface
. Multi-lingual (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Persian, Chinese, Russian)
. Transfer of designs to eTuft by one single file instead of several files. (The relevant machine codes are generated by the control unit, an automatic process transparent to the operators.)
. New Design Wizard for creating simple designs on the robot (ideal tool for sampling or plain carpets).
 . Monitoring reports: progress rate, remaining process time for each color, remaining time for total process, tufting speed, etc.
. Set production parameters: Pile Height, Density, Cut and Loop mode, Min/Max of tufting speed, Overall speed, etc.
. Design preview both in Raster and Vector format
. Production time calculation for production planning
. Ability to change and move design positions
. Ability to rotate or flip designs
. Preview production process
. Synchronized Laser Pointer and Camera for precise positioning
. USB and Network support
. Windows 7 and XP Embedded compatible
. Fully compatible with eDesigner CAD software