EFAB is proudly introducing the new Pneumatic Tufting Head with major enhancements and improvements.

The new Pneumatic Tufting Head has unique features as below:

  • Loop pile: 5mm–70 mm
  • U-tuft Cut Pile: 10-60mm !
  • J-tuft Cut pile: 10-100mm
  • Various tufting needles: Ø4.8mm, Ø5.4mm or Ø8mm
  • Variable pile height for 3D tufting
  • Nonstop Cut/Loop changeover
  • Rotating needle mechanism
  • New adjustable stroke mechanism (10-18mm)
  • New adjustable air flow and timing mechanism
  • Improved yarn feeding system
  • Compact and lighter than previous Pneumatic tufting head
  • And more …
New Pneumatic Tufting Head

To benefit from both mechanisms on the same robotic tufting machine, EFAB has invented an Easy Docking System: the operator can change the tufting head from pneumatic to mechanical and vice versa by opening four screws and without any electrical hassle.

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