Single hallow needle sample tufting machine for
artificial grass and carpet



Single hallow needle sample tufting machine for artificial grass and carpet



eSampler is a flexible sample tufting machine designed for preparing tufted samples in a few minutes from a single bobbin of yarn. It is a flexible tool for preparing artificial grass or tufted carpets samples in any desired qualities. eSampler is an unique tool for yarn producers.

  • eSampler: Sample Tufting Machine
  • eSampler: Sample Tufting Machine

Fast and flexible sampling machine

eSampler is equipped with our legendary pneumatic tufting head with guillotine cutting principle which is perfect for a wide range of yarns including Wool, Viscose, Polyester, Fancy yarns, Nylon, Linen, Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyamide or their blends.

Changing the tufting parameters like stitch rate, gauge or cut/loop pile can be done in a few seconds through the eHMI software. Also there is no time consuming mechanical adjustments required for changing the pile height.

Samples will be tufted on the removable vertical frame. It means that the backing fabric of tufted samples will be kept under the tension for finishing and back coating.

Samples made on eSampler

eSampler Features

. Fast and Flexible
. Working with wide range of yarns (from very thin to very thick yarns)
. Any size of samples up to 50x50cm 
. Removable tufting frame for easy finishing while the tufted sample is still stretched
. Up to 1200 stitches/minute
. Any gauge from 3 up to 30mm
. Any stitch rate from 100 up to 500 stitches/meter
. U-tuft Cut Pile: 12-60mm
. J-tuft Cut pile: 15-100mm
. Loop pile: 5mm–70 mm
. Various tufting needles: Ø4.8mm, Ø6mm, Ø8mm or Ø11mm
. Variable pile height accessories for 3D effects
. Nonstop Cut/Loop changeover