EFAB is introducing the new economic line of robotic tufting machines called eTuft 3×4 ECM-A. It has a rigid aluminum structure with 7 servo motors and 3×4 meter active tufting area and a rotating creel.

eTuft 3×4 ECM-A with aluminum structure,
mechanical tufting head with automatic cut/loop changeover
and rotating creel

eTuft 3×4 ECM-A is equipped with our new mechanical tufting head with nonstop cut/loop changeover.

Turn an idea into a finished carpet by a seamlessly integrated robotic tufting solution

This unique mechanical tufting head is ideal for low cut pile tufting (~9mm before shearing) and it has unique features as below:

  • Automatic and nonstop changeover between cut and loop pile
  • Tufting on a variety of backing fabrics
  • Tufting designs with very small details
  • Ultra high density tufting
  • Deliberate Over-tufting
  • Tufting in short cut pile height (9mm cut pile before shearing)
  • Loop pile: 4mm–15 mm
  • U-tuft Cut Pile: 9-16mm
  • Y-Scissor cutting principle
  • Working without pressured air

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