EFAB is introducing the unique Interchangeable Tufting-gun Mechanism which is combines the advantages of Mechanical and Pneumatic tufting-guns in one machine:

  • Mechanical tufting gun can tuft on a variety of backing fabrics and produce very detailed or over-tufted designs with high densities in short pile height.
  • The pneumatic gun can compensate for the supposed disadvantages by switching between cut and loop pile automatically (nonstop changeover), tufting with different pile heights (3D effects) or J-tuft.
eGun-V Pneumatic and Machanical Tufting Gun for Robots

To benefit from both mechanisms, EFAB has invented an Easy Docking System: the operator can change the tufting gun from mechanical to pneumatic one easily by opening just 6 screws and without any electrical hassle.

Mechanical tufting gun

  • Y-Scissor cutting principle
  • Loop pile: 4mm–15 mm
  • U-tuft Cut Pile: 9-18mm
  • Deliberate Over-tufting

Pneumatic tufting gun

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