eDesigner version 11 with new features and enhancements and one-of-a-kind objective drawing tools has been released.

Version 11.0 (January 23, 2019)

  • Welcome Page” with quick access to Recent files, New, Open, Robotuft Plug-in, QR-Code, Design Browser and Autosaved files.
Welcome page on eDesigner version 11
  • Enhancement on GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easier working including: Design forms, Docking Bars and Tool Properties
  • Recent Items in “New” dialog
  • New “QR Code” function
eDesigner version 11 : Recent items in “New” dialog
eDesigner version 11 : “QR Code” function
  • “Import” function in Print dialog for direct opening of print layout as a design in eDesigner
  • “Additional Information” as text in Footer of print layout
eDesigner version 11 : Print function
  • Enhancements in Color Books supporting ARS color references: ARS1400 Wool, ARS1200 Wool, ARS600 Wool, ARS1000 Viscose, ARS700 Viscose and ARS320 Viscose
  • Enhancements in printing Color Books
eDesigner version 11 : General overview of Color Books with ARS color references
eDesigner version 11 : Tool Properties
  • Enhancements in Drawing tools:
    • Handy Tool Properties with easier access on the bottom of ribbon bars
    • Objective Geometric drawing tools with easy sizing, aligning, positioning (Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse and Oval)
    • Rich tool tips with short tutorial videos
    • Fill tool with new “Border fill” and merged with “Pattern fill”
    • Airbrush tool merged with “Pattern Airbrush”
    • Editable Polygon tool
    • Objective Replicate tool with easy sizing, aligning and positioning
    • Objective Crop tool with easy sizing, aligning and positioning
    • Pen tool merged with Pattern Pen
    • Richer hints in Measure and Drip tools
  • Cross Hairline Cursor
  • Enhancement in using selected area in Repeat View mode
  • “Process as RGB” and shortcut to calculator in Resize function
  • Handy shortcuts for “Remap Color Indexes” and “Change Color Resolution” in Palette
  • Enhancements in Design Browser
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
    • New offsetting engine, faster more accurate with edge options (Sharp or Round)
    • Faster filling
    • Enhanced Production Report layouts
  • and many more …

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