Unlicensed use of eDesigner (Carpet Design Software) or eHMI (HMI Software for Tufting Robots) not authorized by EFAB GmbH is illegal and can expose you and the company to civil and criminal liability under the copyright law. Use includes among others the permanent or temporary installation, duplication, distribution, sale, licensing to third parties or acquisition from third parties by download, purchasing machinery or in any other way without a valid EFAB-license, the crack of any copy protection and misuse of authentication.

To ensure that you do not violate the copyright of EFAB you are encouraged to consult with EFAB GmbH in order to make sure such use is permitted by the EFAB-license.


按照版权法,未经授权许可,使用本公司(EFAB有限公司)的地毯设计软件 (Carpet Design Software) 和簇绒机器人人机界面软件 (HMI Software for Tufting Robots) 是非法的,可能会使您或您的公司面临民事或刑事责任。非法使用包括永久或临时安装、复制、分销、向第三方授权或从第三方下载、购买应用机器、破解程序或其他任何不具备EFAB有效许可证的不正当使用方式。

请注意,EFAB 有限公司在中国未有任何官方合作伙伴。如果您通过在中国购买某些机器或其他途径获得本公司的软件 (Carpet Design Software, HMI Software for Tufting Robots),将不具备合法许可。如果您继续使用这些软件,将可能面临侵犯赔偿风险。


Calendar Versioning

After several years of releasing eDesigner in Semantic Versioning, we have decided to switch from “Semantic Versioning” to “Calendar Versioning” to help you easily understand the length of support, compatibility, stability of any release and how much time has elapsed between two releases.
This means that the calendar-based format will incorporate the date of release into the version number. It will be as follows: yy.m.x (e.g., 20.6.0 or 20.6 for a June 2020 release) rather than in an x.y format (e.g., 12.00).

Version 22.6.0 (June 01, 2022)

  • New “Interlaced” function design in New Wizard
  • Bug of Displaying Rotating Creel has been fixed
  • Some bugs with Reset and Park state has been fixed (Please contact us to update your PLC software)
  • Some bugs fixed

Version 22.5.0 (May 12, 2022)

  • Bug of displaying “Message Box” behind the eHMI has been fixed

Version 22.2.0 (February 04, 2022)

  • New adjustments and support for Rotating Creel
  • AnyDesk instead of QuickSupport
  • Enhancements of Thumbnail view
  • Better quality of spirals in generating New files
  • Some bugs fixed

Version 20.6.0 (June 15, 2020)

  • New Driver-less USB dongle
  • New functions and enhancement on “Tuft Preparation” page:
    • New “Repeat” function
    • Enhancement on updating pile heights
    • Enhancement on duplicate tuft histories
  • Enhancements in “File Browser”.
    • Faster Browsing in Thumbnail mode
    • Faster sorting
    • Corrected sorting on Thumbnail view
  • Enhancement on corner smoothing of closed contours in “New” page
  • New “Web Direct” function in “Machine Configs” page
  • Enhancement on tufting with starting and points offset
  • Enhanced GUI (Graphical User Interface)